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Flour obtained by processing high quality durum wheat blends specially selected for the production of pizza.

A special manufacturing process, which involves stone hulling and slow grinding, allows to produce a semolina rich in enzymes and fibers (Product source of fibers).

The high water absorption (about 65% of the weight of the flour) makes it possible to obtain doughs that mature rapidly but are also able to resist ripening in the fridge (ideal 20 hours at 4 ° C).

The finished products obtained have a crunchy and golden crust and a soft and very tasty internal structure.

Ideal product for the production of pizza on the plate and in the pan.

La Storica Mininni per pizza - P10

PROTEINS (in dry matter): 15%
Dry gluten (in dry matter): 11.5%
Gluten index: 70
ASH (in dry matter): 1.20%
Brabender: Abs. 65% – Stab. 5.7 minutes