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Homemade pasta

pasta fresca semola Mininni

Recipe for fresh pasta (for 4 people)

300 g. durum wheat semolina
150 ml water
For egg pasta: we suggest to substitute the water with three eggs.

On a floured surface make a well in the semolina, pour in the center the liquid ingredients (water or eggs) and salt. With a circular movement mix the ingredients together until all the semolina is incorporated to form a thick dough. Now you can start to knead the dough. Fold the dough over on to itself towards you and then press it down away from yourself with the heels of your hands. When the kneaded dough is smooth and solid, shape it into a ball and then cover it with cling film. Leave it to rest in a cool place for about one hour.
Turn the dough on the working surface and roll it out in each direction. Fold the dough into a three level strip and cut according to the desired shape.